Kai Straw – My Soul Is Lemonade [Review]

‘I’m feeling good like I found
a bottle of blue moon on a June night out’

You know what they say… when life gives you lemons you make a hell of a lemonade. Well, [I’m gonna make a terrible joke here now so brace yourselves] I guess when your last name is also Straw (told ya, terrible), then this lemonade is gonna sell itself before you say ‘ice’. Especially if you have the perfect recipe, like San Francisco based, Kai Straw, did!

The upcoming artist just went on being full time musician after losing his job due to lovely COVID (BTW, ain’t it funny how being sucked is now to be blamed on COVID instead of terrible bosses?). So, his new song, ‘My Soul is Lemonade’, is reflective of his experience. It is a cheery and upbeat track which I really think people will appreciate at this particular period even if we all know that things are not exactly fine just yet. Released in July 2020, Kai Straw created a light on the outside but full of strength song, which emits an optimist vibe and a much needed feel – good attitude.

A potion to cope with negativity!

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