MXMS – Gravedigger [Review]

Many producers start their projects promising themselves that they will keep the number of channels used at a bare minimum. In the end, how many layers do you need for an instrumental? A rich drum beat, a bass to fill the low frequencies, some synths to perform the melodic parts of the song plus a texture to work as a glue for the whole track. They add all these elements and then they hit play. Utter disappointment. There is always something missing. And this is when they start adding all these unnecessary, extra layers.

Now listen to this one below from MXMS aka “Me and My Shadow”. A dark bass pad. A well-writen drum section. Some cool samples. And for that finishing touch, some pitch-black, atmospheric vocals. It is that simple and straightforward. But on the other hand, it is so beautiful and rewarding. Doing more with less. The art of electronic music production.

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