OKAN – Espiral [Review]

Espiral is a song by Okan, a Toronto – based, band led by the Cuban artists, Elizabeth Rodriguez and Magdelys Savigne. Undoubtedly, Espiral is a hearty song filled with latin grooves that will lift your spirits even on a December day and make you – at the very least- tap your feet! You cannot miss the vocals, vibrant as they are, which set the tone but also gentle enough in order to showcase the variety of Jazz and Afro – Cuban sounds which are filling the track. It is true, that Espiral does not introduce an unfamiliar sound even to the untrained ear, after all the song draws inspiration by some traditional Cuban roots. However, it does not go unnoticed that great mastery has been put in the exploration and successful blending of the genres, a task which is not a piece of cake as some might think. What female-led Okan achieves with Espiral is to make a diverse patchwork of classic and more innovative latin jazz patterns. To deliver a song that has everything but does not feel like separate ideas stitched together clumsily. Their ability to do this reveals not only an exceptional skillset but also their wondrous minds and it is this combination, I would argue, that made them win the Independent Music Award in Jazz & World Music Categories and the Rising Star Stingray Award.

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