Kid Travis – Galaxy [Review]

Well, well, well what have we got here? Just around the time I was saying how sick & tired I am with all those summer songs talking ’bout love n’ all, which sadly I forget the very next minute they end. Don’t get me wrong, not every song has to be super deep but I’d appreciate it if it was breezy and memorable. So, Kid Travis must have heard my complaints and must have thought, ‘hey, I can do chill and loving and atmospheric and sweet like melon’. He could and he did. He brought it and I loved it. A killer voice delivery slides on the melodic percussions of the addictive beat. I do not usually like to check out the social media of artists prior to writing reviews so I can focus on the musical part strictly. However, I checked this dude and here is what came to mind… Warm night, starry sky, Kid Travis playing and singing at an open air bar while people dance rhythmically. Not a care in the whole world.

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