B.Miles – Worst Enemy [Review]

I don’t know about you but I like those artists who do not succumb to the pressure of having to release something on a regular basis just because this is expected from them. B. Miles spent three years preparing her upcoming debut album from which we get to have a first taste with the song ‘Worst Enemy’. The singer is already beloved and has been praised for her talent and great potential and to have one of your songs playing as a theme to ‘Cable Girls’ is kind of a big deal (if you haven’t checked the series, do it btw). Some expectations are definitely raised when you do your comeback – although it’s not really a comeback but more like a continuation I’d say- and as far as we’re concerned, B.Miles lives totally up to them. The song is said to be reflecting the artists’ internal worry of juggling different lifestyles and the unavoidable reality checks which drive our decisions in life management ( aka doing what you love and doing what pays the rent – sounds familiar innit?). There is something peculiar going on in ‘Worst Enemy’ though: The sound transfers this atmosphere perfectly but her voice… Oh her voice does not convince me of insecurities or conflict. On the contrary, I hear B.Miles singing ‘Worst Enemy’ and the impression I gather is that she smiles while she sings. She smiles from the heart and there is some serious confidence there. That being said and as the email in your boring 9 am job would say: We are really looking forward to hearing more of you in the near future!

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