Hula Hi-Fi – Waterworn

Nashville-based duo, Hula Hi-Fi, released their new single titled “Waterworn”, a song with a melody that will hit you like the smell of spring after rain. The track has a Lo-fi aesthetic that evokes a feeling of sentimentality for the past, a sweet nostalgia. The steel guitars and the expressive vocals are blended with the majestic orchestral sound of the world-renowned Brno Philharmonic Orchestra. Their music is characterised by their deep love for Hawaiian music. Imagine Hooverphonic mixed with Air in a track produced by Paul McCartney. The band’s full length album, Isle of Forgotten Dreams, is set to be released July 31, 2020.

“A tune that was heavily influenced by a relationship of mine that came to a close long after it’s intended expiration date. One of the things I’m proud of is that it’s one of the groovier songs on the album while still maintaining the dark break-up vibes.” 

“I’m also a huge fan of Mikaela Davis and we were able to get her to play some harp on this one.”

Josh Kaler of Hula Hi-Fi

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