3:33 – Eve Minor

[Note from the Artist]

A performance art piece originally inspired by John Cage’s, 4′ 33; a conceptual art piece reminding people there is no such thing as silence and to remain present. In lieu of recent events, I’d like to remind my viewers that there is no such thing as silence. It’s not neutral. It acts like a weapon. It speaks volumes. It’s ok not to know what to say, but the worst thing you can do is ignore another person’s pain and watch because you are complicit OR WORSE afraid of what people who project racist ideals will think of you. Silence is violence; perpetuating the fire. I’ve been using my platform and voice primarily on instagram.com/eveminor to amplify Black lives and Indigenous people’s lives and will be donating my money made on streams this week to the National Justice Project in Australia and Color of Change. As always it is a self shot, directed, and edited video. I would like to wake people up. It was filmed on 5/26 and released at 12:12 on 6/6. There is no such thing as silence. Silence is violence. I would like to inspire people to use their voices in any way they can to help the movement and continue to fight for equality and human rights. I am in New York City and we are enduring a violation of basic human rights and safety as we continue to fight for change in the middle of a pandemic. It is integral, as creators and influencers, that we do what we can to be the voices for people who are unheard and that we ally alongside what’s humane and inspire others to do the same. No ego, just love. Thank you.

I use a lot of humor for captions and modeling pin up photography to encourage others in social justice causes. Fashion has looked the other way in such an important time, as Duckie Thot has told me, and she has inspired me to help further in the fight for equality in Australia as I continue to raise awareness in the United States.
Here is an example of me trying to raise awareness to vote using my platform and art.

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