Under the Black Rock – Arcola Theatre [Review]

Under the Black Rock is a twisting and darkly comic thriller set in Belfast at the height of the Troubles. But is it any good?

The play “Under The Black Rock” at Arcola Theatre follows the story of Niamh (portrayed by Evanna Lynch) as she navigates her way from a na├»ve newcomer to a seasoned fighter, all the while being embroiled in a family torn apart by the conflict. The play delves into the impact of extremism on young people and families, in a community where trust and honesty are rare commodities. The play had a cinematic feel and contained many intense moments, complemented by professional lighting. However, the script was somewhat complex and challenging to follow in places, and Flora Montgomery’s portrayal of two roles was not always clear. The characters in the story did not undergo sufficient or satisfactory development. However, the cast delivered their performances effectively, making for an interesting play with very good potential overall.

Our rating 3/5

Written by Tim Edge
Directed by Ben Kavanagh

Arcola Theatre
24 Ashwin St London E8 3DL

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