Filmmaker live at The Lower Third [Review]

How much saturation is too much?

Last night, we had the chance to catch Filmmaker aka Faunes Efe, the Colombian producer, at The Lower Third in London, a fairly new venue, with, unfortunately, uncivil security personnel.

His live performance started off with a bang as Filmmaker took the stage with his signature dark and heavy sound. His music has a post-punk and EBM aesthetic that makes it immediately noticeable. The use of saturation was taken to the extreme, which set the question for many of us in attendance, “how much saturation is too much?”

Personally, I found that the heavy saturation in his music is fine to listen to on your good, tailored to your liking, home sound system, but on high decibels in a small venue, it became almost overwhelming. Despite this, the energy in the room was electric. The performance lasted for about an hour blending dark, brooding, and almost hypnotic sounds. Check him out if you get the chance, but please, do not forget your earplugs.

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