‘The forbidden planet’ | Interview with Alterphase

Alterphase’s track ‘Derixide Days (vrumst12)’ takes the listener on a IDM journey through a haunting and dystopian soundscape where complex drum machine beats coupled with eerie synths. A soundtrack to your interstellar adventures on a distant, habitable planet. A must-listen.

Describe your sound in 3 words

The forbidden planet.

Tell us a few things about Derixide Days (vrumst12). What is the main idea behind it?

I was thinking create something that I really like when I decided to completely break the project and in this way, from the destruction,
create the concept of the main melody, the first sound after a devastating explosion.

What made you gravitate towards electronika?

Electronic music has always been the most interesting for me because of the feeling of freedom and experimentation it allows.
Any sound can end up being something immense, I never know where I’ll end up when I’m composing.
And that’s where electronic music wins, any idea can be transformed into sound.

Which is your go to synth (analog or digital) when you start a new project?

When I do a new project I don’t have an established way of proceeding, many times I can use analog synthesizers
but I don’t always do it that way, I think that the mixture of all the resources makes the music more interesting.
My eternal search for the unpredictable does not allow me to always follow the same process.

In which place or state of mind do you imagine people might listen to your music?

In the clouds, in the mountains, inside the forests, outside this sick society.

Aliens from a universe beyond our own, visit us and ask us what IDM music is. Which album would you give them to listen to?

I should show them two records: Squarepusher – Feed me weird things and Tim Hecker – Ravedeath,1972

If the music of Alterphase was a book, which book would that be?

A cross between Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman and Neuromancer by William Gibson.

What is the story behind your name?

It comes from joining alter and phase, which comes to mean another world, another universe.

Thank you!

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