Peder – Between the Ocean and the Snow (Volume 1) [Review]

What is the sound of the state between two extremes?

Peder’s album, Between the Ocean and the Snow (Volume 1), is a compelling and atmospheric musical journey that leaves a lasting impression. The artist expertly weaves together a variety of instrumental and non-instrumental songs, using a range of acoustic sounds to tell captivating stories. From the dub-infused guitars to the cinematic horns, the album is filled with elegant keys and acoustic drums that create a melancholic and introspective mood. 

Peder’s songwriting is effectively simple, reminding you of that super cool track, the kind that you could imagine being used on a TV show like Breaking Bad, prompting you to hit pause and shazam it. Oh wait, Peder aka Peder Thomas Pedersen is actually a film composer and actor known for Gramsespektrum, Breaking Bad and Comeback. And don’t even get me started writing down the numerous collaborations. Ok, now everything makes sense. 

Enjoy below!

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