‘Sexy Sad Nostalgia. New Old Fashioned’ | Interview with Mac Burrus x Tiffany Topol

Mac Burrus and Tiffany Topol deliver a nostalgic Christmas song for those who the holiday season brings out a unique feeling. Time to do that old jigsaw puzzle you never managed to complete?

Read our discussion with the artists below!

Describe your sound in 3 words 

Tiffany: Sexy Sad Nostalgia
Mac: New Old Fashioned

With You (This Christmas), is a new version of a song first released in 2020. Tell us a few things about it and the main idea behind it.

Mac: My friend left her dad’s piano at my house for safe keeping and i spent a lot of time during the pandemic writing songs on that piano. The song came together quickly as it was a common theme that loved ones couldn’t be together during that time – kinda put my antenna up and this is what i received. I also met Tiffany around that time and i always heard her singing it.. i think i released it in 2020 just to put something out into the universe but it wasn’t ever really ” finished” until now I was really excited when Tiffany said she wanted to sing. 

Tiffany: I’m a fan of Mac’s songs, so when he sent this my way and asked me to sing it, it was a no-brainer. I’ve been doing so much of my own songwriting and producing these days, it was kind of nice to let someone else take the reins and just sing on a great tune. I felt like Judy Garland and Mac was Mel Tormé.

Which Christmas song do you wish you had composed yourselves?

Tiffany: Is this the hardest question I’ve ever had to answer? MAYBE. I love the classics. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” “The Christmas Song.” I know it’s basic, but. It’s true. It’s easy to take those songs for granted because they’re so overplayed, but they’re masterpieces. But honestly so is “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” by *NSYNC, so. I dunno. Do you regret asking me this question now?

Ma: This may sound trendy but honestly my answer is – Just Like Christmas by Low – I have loved that record ever since it came out. It gives me the warmth of all the classics without being a typical Christmas song.

There is also a new album out titled Sophomore Effort. What is the story behind it? Which track of the album, if any, represents you the most?

Tiffany: I decided in 2017 I wanted to shift from making folk music to making a pop album, and I wanted to produce it myself. After a crowdfunding campaign in 2018, I spent two years creatively and mentally in the mud; it was just not happening. Finally I realized the album I wanted to make was one that 15-year-old Tiffany would like, and that’s when it poured out. I called it Sophomore Effort because I thought it was funny (it’s my debut album), but also because I harnessed my teenage self to make it. I brought Montreal-based producer Isabelle Banos on as a co-producer to help me bring it across the finish line, and she really made it shine.
It’s hard to pick a single track that represents me the most, since the entire thing is very much made for me and by me. But the kind of dark, questioning lyrics of “What’s It Gonna Take” juxtaposed with its jaunty dance-y shuffle plus a show choir plus a high school marching band sums me up pretty well.

Mac: Tiffany has shared early demos’ of her album with me along the way and i have just been infatuated with the music since first listen. Her talent as a songwriter and singer is just so fresh and interesting. If I was a better singer, I’d cover “Everything They Told Us Was Wrong” because its true.

How did you two meet?

Mac: I stumbled upon one of her old videos on Instagram – I think she was dressed as C-3PO while giving it her usual ALL and I was like.. who is this awesome human? We connected over another post of hers and I just gravitated toward her talent and energy. I don’t make a lot of new friends and am lucky to have made one in her.

Tiffany: That’s right. And then eventually we met up in real life and did karaoke and we’ve been friends ever since. It’s not every day you meet someone as kind and generous and creative and genuine as Mac, especially not randomly on Instagram. So. I feel very lucky as well.

If your music was a film, which film would that be?

Tiffany: The Baby-Sitters Club Movie.
Mac: I fully expect different answers here but mine would be the Hal Ashby film, “Being There” starring Peter Sellers.)

What is the biggest challenge(s) you have faced as music artists?

Tiffany: Staying motivated but not beating myself up if I’m not staying motivated.

Mac: Well Once putting pants on is accomplished i think the biggest challenge is staying confident. Honestly, can be crushing to just want to make music and make peace with the fact that you are the only one who might hear it.)

Future plans?

Tiffany: Figuring out how to play my album live. And some other surprises.

Mac: I have an album project coming out on YK-Records under the name Telefone hopefully by Feb / March as well as writing with Matt Mahaffey for a new sElf record which is a ways off.

Thank you!

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