‘Universal Energy Expression’ | Interview with narducci

Face Your Fate. I Spoke Your Fate.
From liquid dnb infused grooves to trip hop flavoured electronika, narducci delivers a saxophone centric 4 track EP filled with widescreen emotion. Read our discussion with the talented producer below!

Describe your sound in 3 words

Universal Energy Expression

Tell us a few things about your upcoming EP. What is the story behind it?

It’s a tale of overcoming. Looking into the deepest, darkest parts of yourself and humanity, then finding and spreading the light within. Facing death and choosing to live.

It’s the 3rd EP in a 3-part series after “Break the Silence” and “Journey to Los Angeles.”

How does the music of narducci differ from the other numerous projects you are involved in?

Working on my own music, it’s my vision; I’m asking other musicians, engineers, artists…friends, to lend their artistry to help realize that vision. I’m doing my utmost to be a conduit to the universal creative energy and conducting that energy through the wonderful cast of characters I get to work with.

Working on other people’s projects, I’m doing my utmost to mix my artistry cohesively within someone else’s vision, and help them realize it as best we can. I’m part of a team, playing a certain role, be it composer, producer, saxophone player, engineer, etc.

Which saxophonist (famous or not) do you admire the most?

Charlie Parker and John Coltrane. They’re the best. Genius oracles, vessels to the divine, seers of the next steps. I couldn’t say I prefer one over the other. their level is so unbelievably high it’s in another stratosphere.

Favourite album of the past year?

Tommy Crane “We’re All Improvisers Now,” Björk “Fossora,” Beyonce “Renaissance,” Bonobo “Fragments,” FKA twigs “Caprisongs”

Your music has a really cool, cinematic ambience. If the music of narducci was a film, which film would that be?

Great question. I don’t know, I can’t think of just one film, but it would be directed by someone like Darren Aronofsky, David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick, David Fincher, Ridley Scott, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Terry Gilliam, the Coen brothers, someone like that. So many others I’m sure I’m forgetting. Filmmakers influence me as much as musicians do.

Born & Raised in Los Angeles, lived in NYC for 14 years. What do you love/hate in each place?

Love: the calmness and serenity , the infinity of the ocean, the majesty of the mountains, the diversity, the richness of culture, the style, the innovation, the trendsetting, the music, films, foods, street art, underground scenes, music community, martial arts community. It’s my home.

Hate: the violence, the corruption, the growing economic disparity and growing unhoused population, the traffic and bad drivers, the plastic and plastics

Love: the energy, the non-stopness, the randomness, the diversity, the richness of culture, the love of the arts, the intensity, the food, the fashion, the concrete jungle, the street art, the trendsetting, the music community. It will always be my second home.

Hate: the pessimism and ‘fuck you’ attitude, rudeness, pushiness, corruption, Wall St greed and Wall St bros, the grime, the loudness, the traffic and bad drivers, the non-stopness

Is your fate already decided? Do we make our own destiny?

I’ve thought about this a lot, and the more I have, the more I think I don’t know. Our experience of life is that we make our own choices. Minute to minute, we feel like “I can put on this pair of pants or that, go to this place or that, call this person or that,” and obviously, we can. Yet, we are born into a myriad of circumstances that shape us so dramatically. I, and I think most people, have experienced so many strange ways we may have made what feels like a choice, but perhaps was guided by something beyond consciousness.

The more neuroscience develops, the more we understand how much we can predict human behavior, based on all kinds of factors. If many of the circumstances we were born into already shape us, and if being shaped in that manner then informs the choices we make, thus influencing the experiences we have which in turn shape us further, is that not in a way, fate? Maybe not as literal is its meaning is commonly understood. Not something where every aspect of your life is already determined in advance, but something where the mechanisms of life/humanity are already in place, and we exist within them.

We’re each a variation on a theme, a human, being, a microcosm of the divine macro, vibrating on our own specific frequency in a universal harmonic symphony. We can call the conductor of that symphony God. I do. Whether we believe it’s actually God or completely random, the universe still works how it works, and we only yet understand a fraction of that. But, from a probable speck of dust, our universe became what it is now, and now, I’m answering questions from another human being I’ve never met, on a different part of the earth, moving my fingers to send electrons from a keyboard into a computer to translate language into digital signals that cross the globe instantly through an internet. Did that speck of dust make the internet? Is there a designer, or is all of this random?

Thank you!

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