‘Pastel Rainswept Nostalgia’ | Interview with Lulu Tonight

Multi-instrumental artistry of New York Max Yassky aka Lulu Tonight, is showcasing his impressive debut single Buried Alive, a stylish, methodically trippy, upbeat and with a hefty dose of psychedelia, indie rock production. Read our discussion with the talented artist below!

Describe your sound in 3 words

Pastel Rainswept Nostalgia

Tell us a few things about Buried Alive and your upcoming EP. What is main idea behind it?

I write with/for other people often, but I knew there was a personal artistic journey I could only take with myself behind the wheel. Buried Alive was the second song I wrote specifically to be championed by Lulu Tonight (Don’t Stop was the first). Writing each song in this five-song-cycle felt like pulling myself out of some malicious hole in the ground. Recording all the instruments myself was an almost opposite feeling. Like I was diving into a trance.

The EP as a whole centres around escaping personal and societal cycles of abuse. How do you end the cycle of abuse?

Wish I knew how to fully escape any of the harmful cycles and systems we’re wrapped up in. I wonder if we’re psychologically equipped to move away from our ancient dogmatism en-mass. Maybe that would allow us to become stronger vessels for change. Seems unlikely we’ll outright end abuse and other violent cycles. There’s still plenty that can be done to heal and grow in the meantime.

Favourite guitar riff you wish you had composed yourself?

No Surprises by Radiohead

If the music of Max Yassky was an indie film, which film would that be?

Maybe the next Sofia Coppola flic if it’s not scored by Thomas Mars (I’m a big Phoenix fan)

What do you love/hate about New York?

Love always getting to decide between being a reclusive or boisterous bohemian / Hate the slumlords and lack of affordable housing

Do you sing in the shower? What songs?

Yes I sing in the shower. It’s usually a song I make up on the spot. Then I have to run, sopping wet, back to my phone to voice-note it.

What is the story behind your name?

“Lulu” was the winner of a shootout of names. I tested them by calling in take-out orders under various pseudonyms. Everyone always understood Lulu correctly the first time I spoke it. “Tonight” was inspired by the absurd erotic ads and impending apocalypse in VEWN’s animated short, “Twins In Paradise”.

Thank you!

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