Lucy McWilliams – Bumblebees and Blue Skies [review]

Lucy McWilliams, the 22-year-old London based singer-songwriter from Dublin is showcasing her last single, Bumblebees and Blue Skies, a dangerously romantic and beautifully dreamy work. The track starts with a sheer emphasis on the smooth, jazzy sound of the piano which carries the artist’s expressive, theatrical vocal delivery. This is the kind of music you would listen to in a rom-com or in a classic musical in the west end. In the middle of the song, the accompanying instruments to the arrangement enrich the production and add a great deal of liveliness. “Bumblebees and Blue Skies” is an imaginary state of mind where each person creates its own, unique personal sphere.  It is the idea of running away and having your little world together until it breaks apart. An optimistic take on a rapidly evolving world that’s hard to keep up. We suggest you follow it unquestably.So, without further ado, click play and live the moment, for as long as it lasts!

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