‘Ambitious, Fearless, Vulnerable’ | Interview with Justin Christopher

finding any excuse to celebrate, keep it going going going
Justin Christopher’s flawless flow pairs with the stylish, grooving production by 9ick in Embrace, a track that is characterised by its positive, uplifting vibes. Read our discussion with the artist below!

Describe your sound in 3 words

Ambitious, Fearless, Vulnerable

The story behind Embrace is really interesting. Could you share it with us?

There was a month and a half span here in the DFW, where the sky closed in on us and it just poured everything it must have been holding back since the beginning. Initially the rain slowed things down. I noticed less people out, traffic wasn’t as dense, you could peek out your window and not spot a single leash or hear any kids playing. It was kind of depressing, but in a cathartic way. I felt like we all were going through this biblical like storm together, and after a while people just accepted it and assimilated. Kids refused to get their summer drowned out, traffic picked back up, people weirldy started turning their sprinklers back on, it was a new normal. The main inspiration for the song started to ferment from then, but the language to express it didn’t come until I embraced the rain myself.

So is there inherent meaning in life? If not, how difficult is to accept that?

I don’t believe there is inherent meaning in life. I don’t believe we are born with purpose though I do subscribe to the notion that we create our own meaning and align ourselves with things in life that enrich our overall experience.

Do you think there is a true underground hip hop sound today?

I do. Hip hop is as varied today as its ever been.

What does hip hop symbolise in your opinion?

This is kind of cliche but personally hip hop symbolizes the voice of the rebellious youth and the aging contrarian. It’s like the red headed step child that’s bullied at home but super popular and universally loved elsewhere.

Why is sexism, and even outright misogyny, so pervasive in Hip Hop culture?

I don’t think either of those things are as prevalent today as they may have been in the past.

Favourite lyricist, rapper and producer?

Lupe Fiasco. Producer – Probably Bj Burton or Jpeg Mafia.

Your most honest and personal lyric?

I song write so often that this may be impossible for me to answer accurately. I’ll say this though,most of my writing is trying to paint that flash of events that floods your mind within seconds while you’re just existing, walking, in a meeting, in the middle of conversation, etc; You know those larger than life 2.5 second experiences that you could spend a lifetime trying to put into words but can never quite succinctly explain. To me those moments reveal our innermost personal mysteries, truths, delusions, and hopes. I find myself extended into that terrain, trying to grab as much of the picture as possible so I can bring it back to reality.

Thank you!

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