Soh Darling – Fools Rush [Review]

Fools Rush, the debut EP from Soh Darling is a majestic piece of work that needs to be listened to in its entirety to be fully appreciated. The intro song of the EP is In Patient in which jazzy licks meet an energetic but tender, truly organic and nicely broken groove. No more has a more laid back, guitar driven vibe mixed with trippy, atmospheric synth pads. Forgiveness Sake is a slow,  6/8 ballad, with an impactful bass line and harmony rich vocals. Butterfly is led by a lush chord progression wrapped in a smooth, soul trap infused backing track. Last but not least is Fools Rush, the outro song of this project. A delicately melodic, soulful, honest track with a well crafted, soft arrangement that helps the artist’s rich vocal range to flourish. Fools Rush is a 15 minutes long journey that will pull you into a world of emotion. Enjoy below!

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