‘Angular industrial electronic’ | Interview with CARRÉ

Driven by a very effective guitar riff, Brothers, the new work by CARRÉ is a nicely strange blend of different genres, making it really hard to categorise it under a specific label. A track recorded during the pandemic, will make you reconsider your relationship with our home, Mother Earth. Read our discussion with the artist below!

Describe your sound in 3 words

Angular industrial electronic

Tell us a few things about Brothers. What is the main idea behind it?

Brothers was born during the pandemic and is a surrealistic allegory on climate change. It portrays how our species is slowly self sabotaging and destroying our Mother Earth.

Is music a universal trait? Do each one of us perceive music in a unique way?

Art is all about perception. So with CARRÉ we definitely make an effort to leave a door open in any of our musical compositions and/or lyrics. Personal interpretation is key : it’s all subjective.

How does this project titled CARRÉ differ from your other ongoing projects?

This is a special one in the sense that it’s an actual concept band. The message and the imagery came long before the music. It feels that the music is actually here to serve a higher purpose, that it might not be the center of attraction.

Your music has a vibrant experimental touch. Should music as a form always challenge the listener?

I think there’s a place for any kind of music, without sounding cheesy about it. Our daily moods change and sometimes any of us can seek different things at different moments. Some people are probably more drawn into an easy listening type of music, some aren’t. At the end of the day I personally think that art should create some form of discomfort in order to push boundaries.

Favourite album of the past year?

I love the latest SUUNS record but it’s from 2020.
Maybe “Crawler” by IDLES from last year.

If the music of CARRÉ was a film, which film would that be?

Our last video was inspired by the movie “Mother” by Darren Aranofski. So probably something alongside that kind of movie.
Maybe a modern version of “Holy Mountain” by Jodorowski, where surrealism meets symbolism.

You are based in Los Angeles. What do you love/hate about LA? And how do you relate to its music scene?

2 of us are in Los Angeles and one is in Paris, France. I personally love LA and the scene here. It’s a big burst of energy and creativity, with tons of freedom and not many boundaries. In my opinion it’s a perfect place to be, and one of the best art scenes in the world today.

Thank you!

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Written and produced by CARRÉ
Mix by Jules de Gasperis
Master by Joe Lambert
Artwork by Jerry Scott Lopez

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