The eight five two – Sweet Feeling [Review]

I promise I’ll come back to you. 
Sweet Feeling is the latest work from Sydney based alternative band The eight five two

The track structure does not fit the standard pattern. Instead it can be split in the middle. In the first part, beautifully sultry guitars, enriched with electronics, accompany the hypnotising, heavy on reverb vocal delivery.  In the middle of the song, this melagholic soundscape morphs into a percussion driven, complex, quirky groove in a truly climatic point. By the time it reaches the outro you are brought back to the evocative tones of the first seconds of the song. 

The eight five two raise the bar really high. Make sure to follow them from this early stage and support them in any possible way. They are really worth your attention.

The band is not new to us. You can find more about the project in the discussion we had here.

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