Automotion – Dithyramb [Review]

All we need is wine. 
London four-piece project Automotion returns with Dithyramb, the first single after their debut EP which was released last year. With a post-rock feeling, the track can be described as a union of two contrasting parts, an intriguing antithesis between minimalism and rich development. On one hand there is this heavy, nicely addictive and strictly repetitive riff. On the other hand, there is this constantly evolving guitar section moving airily between different chord progressions, and is being processed with different levels of saturation. For the band, following any kind of musical norms has never felt like an obligation. There is no need for a distinctive chorus. No need for vocals. The spoken words do the trick effectively, adding an atmospheric spark to the already climatic sound. Click play and join us. Let’s all dance in honour of Dionysus!

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