Dial Choir – THOU / Y’ALL [Review]

Introducing a gem straight from the musical minefields of Florida, USA and courtesy of the Dance duo Dial Choir, of Salingitus and Zeta Io.

Straight from their album Blendy, THOU / Y’ALL shines through its rich, pulsating beat and the heavy on white noise top loops. It is clear that the band is not afraid to go into experimentation. Pay attention, for example, to how they push the saturation on the synths. Notice the way the stereo effect creates a hypnotic and cinematic soundscape.  At the same time, the melodic line of the song and its muffled motifs keep its minimal vibe till the end resulting in a mesmerising atmosphere.

It takes courage to disrupt contemporary boundaries, but it seems that Dial Choir’s efforts have been rewarded. Not only have they found the recipe that will set them apart but they also raise the bar for their audience. 

Can you appreciate it? Dive into the music and find out!

Follow our Spotify Playlist “Waves Eclectic” feat. Dial Choir

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