‘Ethereal, Emotional, Genuine’ | Interview with Flõstate

Can we get one more day in love? The song’s blend of synth arpeggios and dreamy vocals will flood you with euphoria. Spacey, comforting and beautifully romantic. Read our discussion with Flõstate below!

Describe your sound in 3 words

Ethereal, Emotional, Genuine

One More Day In Love, and then what? Tell us a few things about your new song. What is the story behind it?

It started as a jam in Mike’s old apartment. From what we remember, we were cooped up in his studio room with the door closed, mood lighting in full effect and the feelings were just flowing. Mike was listening to The Weeknd’s old album “House of Balloons” a lot around that time and reminiscing about how good that album is. Specifically the songs “What You Need” (that Aaliyah sample still gets me) and “Glass Table Girls”. Mike has also always been a huge fan of James Blake’s “Life Round Here” track and the synthline on there. Subconsciously some of those track elements ended up bleeding into our song but it turned into its own unique thing. From Avery’s perspective, she was just going through it in the beginning of covid, spending a lot of time reflecting and processing, alone. The time brought up a lot of realizations about romantic relationships, which brought with it feelings of regret.

One More Day In Love leaves you with an aftertaste of sweet melancholia. We are wondering where do you draw your inspirations from and also what makes you happy and keeps you going in the day to day life? 

MKSTN: I draw a lot of my inspiration from my own feelings to be honest. I would consider myself a pretty emotional person and it’s hard to contain it sometimes. Music has been the only way I’ve been able to process that. What I’ve defined as happiness has changed a lot over the past few years. For me as of late, it’s been the simple things in life. Small moments of hyper awareness that make me feel alive in reality. Also trying to create my own purpose has helped me to keep going in my day to day life.

AF: The word that comes to mind right now is balance. Not getting up in the morning to chase happiness, but asking myself, what is going to make me feel good? Feel well? Because when I feel well, I make time for music, and that is when I feel inspiration and am able to express where I’m at to myself, and others. Life is a lot, and it’s challenging to find balance. Friends, family, work, productivity, rest, fun…making music allows me time to check in on myself. So, gotta make time for that (:

Why does melancholy feel so good?

Sometimes feeling something is better than feeling nothing. #too #deep

Which synth did you use for the main synth arpeggio of the track which sounds very warm indeed?

MKSTN: Surprisingly I think it was just a patch I saved on a software synth that I played around with and added some RC-20. I’ve been trying to keep my setup extremely minimal to focus on what’s most important. Making meaningful music. It’s easier for me to open something up from a while ago without having to look for a patch on a hardware synth and having to reroute everything.

Favourite album of the previous year?

MKSTN: My favourite album changes so frequently I don’t know if I can remember last years lol! But right now I’m in love with Caroline Loveglow’s album “Strawberry”. The song “Foxy” feels right. It’s been very relatable to me lately.

AF: I’m not as cool as Mike so I’m not “hip” to what came out this year, but Lana Del Reys album Norman f*cking Rockwell hits, over and over and over….

How did you two meet and start making music? Would you reveal each other’s funny habits?

MKSTN: We met on the last day of college. Avery was just graduating and I was just starting. We coincidentally talked to each other and didn’t make music with each other until later on when we reconnected in Montreal. Funny habits… I have too much blackmail on Avery haha! I think the funniest one for me is when we are recording vocals. Avery will know when she doesn’t like a take and instantly tell me “Nope you can just delete that”. Sometimes she won’t even finish the line before telling me to permanently destroy it into the abyss.

AF: I have more blackmail on Mike…

If One More Day In Love was in the end titles of a film, which film would that be?

MKSTN: I’d picture it in a movie like Ex Machina. That’d be super cool. I’m not too sure to be honest, but it better be spooky and eerie with themes of love or obsession.

AF: Ooo I love this question ! Maybe Donnie Darko? Or Romeo and Juliet? Definitely something eerie where the lovers do not end happily ever after. 

MKSTN: ^ this.

Thank you!

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