‘An honest attempt’ | Interview with Art.eria

Acoustic Electronic Ensemble is an earthy, raw album by Art.eria that blends acoustic instruments with minimal electronics. An 8 track project that flirts with experimentation and often bends genres to create something entirely new. Read our discussion with Leonardo Cincinelli from Art.eria . There are some really interesting points in the artist’s honest answers.

Describe your sound in 3 words

An honest attempt

You blend a plethora of acoustic instruments with minimal electronics. What is the story behind this project?

I believe the aspect that most characterises and stimulates my artistic career is the search for synergy and deep integration between electronic music production and the opportunities offered by digital on the one hand, and the live music, the human gesture, the acoustic vibrations on the other. I believe that Art.eria is something that connects, envelops and involves different organs, different tools, different styles, different disciplines, different eras, different technologies and different ways of functioning, parts of the body that are distant but made of the same blood, interdependent and which have the same purpose: Art, which is at the same time the solid container and the fluid content, the means and the destination, a constant flow of capillary and all-encompassing ideas.

Your music incorporates numerous experimental elements. Should music as a form of art always challenge the listener?

There’s music for any purpose, music to sleep, music to study… and that’s how powerful and all-encompassing music is.
But for me as an artist it only makes sense to produce music if I think there’s something new in it and anything new inevitably comes with challenges both for artists and listeners.

Your music could nicely work as a soundtrack. If you were asked to rescore a film, which one would you choose?

Birdman, god I loved that film and its soundtrack. Art.eria’s music wouldn’t be a fit… in fact I think I like music in films better when it doesn’t sound like a soundtrack. You know, with the typical orchestral cliches that sound like a Kontakt music library… I really don’t like the Hans Zimmer school and all that.

Is songwriting a talent or a skill?

Both, like everything in life, you can start with some advantage if you have talent but you always need to work hard and spend a lot of time and energy too.

Artists and people who have influenced and inspired you?

The artist that influenced me the most is in general Miles Davis, for his attitude toward music. In my opinion the greatest thing about him is the fact that he was like the world leader of jazz when he decided to experiment with electric music and try different ways. You know is pretty easy to do what they generally call “experimental music”, you’re basically free to do whatever you want and you don’t need to refer to any “music system”, you don’t have to achieve or include any of its elements. In fact the more abstract you sound the better, there’s really nothing to judge. But if you come from being leader of one of those “systems” and you want to do something that makes sense as development of it, now that’s really risky and challenging. There are a lot of solutions to find in order to make the new elements, parameters, instruments, rules, work well with the old ones. In my opinion that’s a real innovation.

What isn’t a crime but should be?

To call Einaudi’s or Yiruma’s music “classical”.

What’s your advice to humanity?

Don’t listen to my advices!!

Thank you!

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