‘Space Psychedelic Soul’ | Interview with Baba Vanga

With earthy sound, its psychedelic moments and a delicate groove, Baba Vanga’s happy will please fans of indie r&b, psychedelic rock and anything in between. Read our discussion with the artist below.

Describe your sound in 3 words


Tell us a few things about your new song Happy and the upcoming EP. What is the story behind it?

Happy is the first song that the Gothenburg quartet Baba Vanga releases from their upcoming EP Interstellar Reine Jazz (IRJ). Somewhat abstract, you can choose to describe the single as below. “The song Happy takes its starting point in an doubtful persons existence and then overturns into the confusion of everyday life. Fiction that breaks with reality, the light against the darkness, silence against sound – sad against happy. Everything is framed in a solid beat, smoky keyboards and boundless guitars. Interstellar Reine Jazz is the third EP that Baba Vanga releases. IRJ will be released on April 22 and was recorded in various rounds during the year 2021. Some of the tracks are recorded in a rehearsal room, others in an apartment and some in the legendary Silence Studio in Koppom, Värmland. Leading in production is, in addition to the band themselves, the producer Fredrik Reinedahl (Martyrdöd, Sólstafir m.m.) who also mixed the music. Mastering is done by Hans Olsson at the Svenska Grammofonstudion.

Your music can be characterized as psychedelic. Firstly, do you accept this label for your music?

Yes, our music is a bit psychedelic, so the definition is kind of spot on depending what kind of psychedelic vibe you are refering to.

Also considering that this term is a bit abstract, what are the elements in your opinion that make a song psychedelic?

The definition considering psychedelic in my opinion concerning our music is about soundscapes, vibes, monoton riffs, somewhat repetitive patterns and surreal expressions uniting in a pleasent and beautiful chaoslike atmosphere.

Your most honest and personal lyric?

That would be the lyrics in the song Happy, that is honest and personal in a sense that the narrative reflects the struggle of a person trying to survive the day with all means neccessary. And sometimes the fiction is happier than the real world. I can personally relate to day dreaming as a mean to make the every day more interesting occasionally.

Favorite album of the past decade?

Sour Soul, Ghostface Killah, allthough I have to say that there are many great records the last decade.

If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?

Less focus on business and more focus on art.

Why is life so confusing and difficult?

Rough question, could be many differnt things I guess. But it doesent have to be, not all the times anyway in my opinion. If you have a dream you should do whatever it takes to reach it or at least dream of it.

What makes you happy?

Playing music, making music, my family. When people are nice to one another. Peace.

Thank you!

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