‘colorful, quirky, textured’ | Interview with Morisse Monty

Morisse Monty teams up with Frankie Fame for Arcade Eyes, a dreamy but groovy production filled with sweet chorus/vibrato guitars and delicate vocals that will make you wanna go walking in the park, have a vanilla only ice cream and listen to the track. A thousand times. 
Read our discussion with the artist below!

Describe your sound in 3 words

colorful, quirky, textured

What is the story behind Arcade Eyes? Tell us a few things about your creative process.

The story for this song is not necessarily one of a deep meaning. It’s about a party that a friend of mine threw out in the woods. It started out quite small and by itself, but with a good installation and some friends by the turntables. It turned out to be a rather eventful night. The overall energy of that night was crazy and I could really feel all the people letting go of bottled-up frustrations and energy, myself included. It was around the time where we just left the second covid-19 related lock-down behind us here in Belgium. That feeling of togetherness is what I needed, and it stayed with me for a good while. Arcade Eyes came about very naturally, I don’t write songs with pen and paper any more like I used to do. Often times I look for a sound that sets off my imagination and start building on it. I think I started recording this drum groove, just drums by itself are so wonderful because they’re a blank canvas to start riffing on. When I played the quirky guitar chords and there swing with the drum-groove it took off very naturally from there. Having worked for Frankie Fame as a producer, mixing engineer before I knew he would be a good fit to sing with me on this song. Frankie has his own amazing universe of sound. In a way I feel like the instrumental I made was unknowingly a perfect get together for our styles to intertwine. We got together, worked on the melodies, wrote the words, and we had a lot of fun recording our vocals together.

This song is about the longing for nightlife, freedom and partying. Did Covid-19 change Nightlife Forever?

No, not at all. It’ll be different for a while I guess. I’m not really one to go out a lot, and I don’t LOVE to be in a big crowd. However we all feel the need to let go from time to time… Some will need more time than others to ease into social carelessness, but as conditions change, things will go back to normal. I hope.

You have already been featured in Spotify editorial playlists. What is your secret? What advice would you give to an amateur producer?

That’s a tough one. I definitely don’t have a secret! I try to be with my music as much as possible, and I try not to worry too much about the outcome after it’s released. Of course, there’s no way around it, we have to put ourselves out there and try to get a playlist placement or some airplay. I think I would advice younger producers, artists not to play into the hype of the moment too much. Try to be the most authentic version of yourself, whatever that means.

Following our previous question, what advice would you give to your younger self?

stop comparing and validating your work next to the work of your peers. The more you embrace your shortcomings the clearer your vision and sound will get.

Favorite album of the past decade?

I don’t have favorite albums. I sometimes listen to an album obsessively and it tends to vary a lot in style.. I’ll name just a few.

Break Mirrors – Blake Mills
Sex & Food – Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Green twins – Nick Hakim
I Think I’m Good – Kassa Overall

Favorite music related film?

Most recently, The Beatles: Get Back

What isn’t a crime but should be?

Disliking cats.

Thank you!

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