‘minimal, patterns, piano-heavy grooves’ | Interview with CLERQ

Piano driven sound with big experimental moments, unconventional distinctive grooves, tight arrangement and waves of surprises. CLERQ. You don’t find this music. This music finds you.

Describe your sound in 3 words

minimal, patterns, piano-heavy grooves

Tell us a few things about your debut album. What is the main idea behind it?

the album is a concept album, a bit inspired by the albums of 90s prog bands. I also came up with the idea to build everything around one tempo (52bpm) and modulate the tempos musically. From that I started writing and one thing led to another, resulting in the full album CLERQ.

Which song of your album (if any) represents you the most and why?

probably spherical. It represents a lot of things I like in music: unison bass lines, patterns interlocking and a driving odd meter groove.

Favorite album of the past decade?

I only found out about it recently, but it represents my taste in music the best, hence I’ll give it the “decade” crown: Dawn of Midi – Dysnomia

Tell us your favorite bass riff you wish you have composed yourself.

You can hear in my music, that I big bass-riff-fan, so there’s a lot of inspiration. But the most impactful bass line for me must have been “I want you back” by The Jackson 5

Your music has an experimental touch. Should music as a form of art always challenge the listener?

tough one. I have a feeling, that though you can challenge yourself with (my) music by e.g. trying to follow the rhythms, it’s also possible to just lean back and fall into it. Personally, I’m often drawn to music, which is a bit challenging, but I don’t think that this has to be the premise for the art form.

You have been part of numerous projects. Can you share with us something funny, or enraging that has happened during a gig/ tour?

that question comes up a lot and yes, there are definitely some good stories. Especially from the beginning of my touring days. One that comes to mind is a tour with the band HI5 in Germany: we were provided “artist housing” which turned out to be a construction site without a oilet/bathroom. We slept in our winter coats on mattresses on the floor. You can imagine how happy we were about the hotel rooms on the next tour stop – never been more excited about a simple double room.

What is the story behind your name?

I always try to keep that mysterious: I wanted something short and catchy that could also be a logo/brand identity. I’ll give you a hint: my full name is Cle-mens R-ofner and there’s 4 of us 🙂

Thank you!

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