‘Surprise. Confrontation. Slaps.’ | Interview with Lord Pusswhip

Photo by Anna Maggy

Lord Pusswhip teams up with Left Brain delivering a minimalistic banger. A raw beat which should probably just go on forever. Read our discussion with the artist below!

Describe your sound in 3 words

Surprise. Confrontation. Slaps.

Tell us a few things about your album Lord Pusswhip is Rich. What is the main idea behind it? And which track of the album (if any) represents you the most?

It’s the second full length producer album I’ve made since my debut Lord Pusswhip is Wack in 2015 and I’ve basically been working on it since then. Originally, this album was called Church ov Ambiguity but instead, I made it into the end of a trilogy – starting with my debut, followed up by the rap compilation Lord Pusswhip is Rich in 2017. Basically, it’s tying together all the eclectic stuff I’ve been doing throughout the last years – producing for other artists, making music for the club, as well as doing my own vocals for my own stuff.

Do you consider your music club driven? In which place or state of mind do you imagine people might listen to your music?

I lived in Berlin for a couple of years and I definitely contracted the techno virus there. Personally, I can’t really make a belter if I’m not in that kind of mood. It’s more of a mood, like when you might be in the mood to listen to death metal or noise. Honestly, I think most people listen to my music while under the influence of some kind of psychoactive chemicals.

How has your sound evolved since your debut album back in 2015?

I’m way better at producing! That was also the pivotal year when I moved to Berlin, so I definitely started experimenting with more genres then through being more exposed to dance music – still, my sound has always been very eclectic.

What is the most legendary drop you wish you have composed yourself? Also favorite album of the past decade?

The most legendary one is also my favorite album of all time – Loveless by My Bloody Valentine, although it sounds like it was a total nightmare to make it. My favorite album of the past decode in terms of sheer influence on my own stuff would probably be BLVCKLVND RVDIX 66.6 by Spaceghostpurrp.

How do you relate to the music scene of Iceland? What do you love/hate about your birthplace?

I relate more to stuff that’s going on abroad but there’s always some interesting music bubbling in Iceland. One positive thing about the Icelandic music scene is that it’s easy to get noticed, but it’s also a double-edged sword because that means people validate a lot of music that sucks and it’s such a small place that naturally people are hesitant to say their honest opinion when it comes to critique.

Does it scare you that the average listener might listen to your production driven music in very low quality internal laptop speakers?

Yeah but we’re so past the point of technological de-evolution that I don’t really care anymore. I’m guilty of it too. You know what, I’ve started producing beats sometimes by starting out on the laptop speakers, because that’s how people will listen to it.

What isn’t a crime but should be?


Thank you!

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