Goatfoam – Encapsulated Motions (21gucci) [Review]

Readers who follow Secret Eclectic would already be familiar with Goatfoam. You can read our discussion with the artist here.

Artist’s last song titled Encapsulated Motions (21gucci) does not have a conventional form of a verse followed by a chorus etc. Instead it is divided into 2 parts with It’s first part being heavily melodic driven, an alluring diatonic melody that is supported by both vocals and the guitars. The second part of the song is driven by a tritone that adds to the song an elegant heaviness. The track is characterized by its fascinating psychedelic elements and the vintage acoustic sound that makes you wanna dig in your old, mid-70s vinyl collection that will lead in a consciousness exploration. To quote Goatfoam, the answer is near if we mentally balance the fear.

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