Leila Milki- Fall Asleep [Review]

A couple of months ago we did a review for Leila Milki’s song Fall Asleep. Here is an update with the official video clip that has just been released.

Leila Milki’s deep vocals are in the epicentre of the song adding to its intensity, whilst accompanied by a simple arrangement consisting of a piano and strings. Fall Asleep is a song with the ability to arouse strong emotions simply by listening to it, however its dynamism can be fully appreciated once one goes a bit further to understand its starting point and meaning. There is noone better to help you with this than the artist herself.

Read Leila Milki’s description of Fall Asleep below:

This song plays out like an orchestral dreamscape, a hazy lullaby. I created it as an extension of Women’s History Month (with a team of women), as a daughter of Lebanese immigrants navigating my independence in a new world. It showcases my vocal + classical-piano performance, along with an unfurling string quartet. It’s meditative, romantic, and mysterious, with dark-meets-light + Arab-fusion influences.

Fall Asleep” explores the vulnerable push-and-pull of asserting our femininity and confronting danger for the first time, when we’ve been taught to stay silent + keep the peace. Through this cinematic ballad, my hope is to champion visibility for fellow first-generation daughters of immigrants whose dual-identity limbo often intensifies our experience of early adulthood.

It is a long process and it’s undoubtedly going to be a hard one, but in the end, the world will understand that women can be many things. They can be angry or remain silent, be caring and independent. They can have their own opinions and be vocal about them or save them for themselves. They can be sassy or not, they can be romantic or not be romantic. They can be brave and be afraid. They can be housewives and fighters. They can change their minds about all of the above and choose to be something else the very next minute. The most important thing to keep is that they will do whatever they decide to, because it really is their decision to make. There is not a single definition of what ‘being a woman’ means, there never was and labels usually don’t work.

We have reached an ear where previous struggles for women’s visibility have finally paid off. Our sisters from around the world are making themselves heard in various ways and through diverse platforms. They cannot be ignored any longer. You can start listening to them speaking, starting right now, with this song!

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