‘The Past, The Present, The Future’ | Interview with TKC

Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads. I will be there. By your side.

Read our discussion with the producer below!

Describe your sound in three words

The Past, The Present, The Future.

Tell us a few things about your creative process and your new track By Your Side?

It’s always a different process since I play various instruments such as guitar, piano and drums. So, there isn’t a clear approach to starting a song for me. It could be just as simple as playing an instrument casually and it stimulates, or as it may sound odd because I’m not sure if anyone else is doing this but sometimes I record while listening songs I love which inspires me with their melodies and rhythms becomes and those become a starting point for a new song.
The story of By Your Side begins when I was in my room casually playing piano, relaxing, with no intentions to start a new song. Suddenly, I have found myself repeating this chord progression. By playing over and over, I have developed it gradually and finally ended up with the piano part which is in the outro right now. Then, I have created the arpeggios in the intro and the song has started to take shape in between the intro and outro parts as I made sure every new sound is complimenting to that piano.

Synthwave is everywhere nowadays. Popular video games like Cyberpunk 2077 with darksynth/cyberpunk soundtracks, netflix series like Stranger Things or even commercial artists like Dua Lipa and The Weeknd. But what does the future hold for the genre?

Synthwave is like a train moving in time. This train has had very remarkable passengers in the past and present. Movies, tv shows, games and artists such as you mentioned made the genre very popular. But do you remember Kavinsky – Nightcall? Nightcall is already 10 years old, and it was a huge hit back in the day, you were hearing it everywhere. I guess Synthwave is a genre way older than people might think. It only became so popular recently. So, where is this train heading to? Many more places with even more passengers to get onboard.

By Your Side is very cinematic indeed. If it was a soundtrack, what would the movie be?

A movie? Hmm… I gave it a long thought to this and here I am, I cannot match it to a movie title… But the creative mindset behind it was indeed a movie scene I was imagining while playing the piano part. A scene with high tension, runaway, followed up by an unfortunate event.

If you had to choose one Synthesizer (analog or digital) which one would it be?

Minimoog. I would sacrifice a lot of my stuff to get my hands on a real one. I need to feel that bass everyone loves and talks about. Can I have more than one? I also love Roland JUNO-6. If I will be challenged to create a song with one synthesizer one day, Roland JUNO-6 would be the one for that job.

Most iconic electronic album of the past decade?

Hmm… These questions are always hard. There are so many I love yet, I have to choose only one. Alright… It is ZHU – GENERATIONWHY. This album is not going to be missing from my library till I die.

Your biggest fear?

Stopping dreaming.

In which place or state of mind do you imagine people might listen to your music?

Deep into the night, alone in bed or while driving.

What is the story behind your name?

While I was working on “Eos” which was almost finished, I came across an interview. This artist was talking about how a piece is never finished, how did that feeling of not achieving %100 kept him from releasing his songs for many years and how did he overcome one day and accept his project at a certain point as finished one. I realized that I was doing the same thing for years. I become aware of that if I kept chasing after the perfection I was aiming, I probably would never be able to release a song. So, I had this urge to immediately release the last thing I was working on, Eos. I had to find an artist name because my real name is too long. I googled names/nicknames/words I can relate to myself; and those names were taken by other artists. After a day or two, before I lose my thrill to release that single, I decided on using my initials.

Thank you!

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