‘Honest, Raw , Ambiguous’ | Interview with Temperature Falls

photo by Ian J Ward

Temperature Falls’ latest single touches on these moments you are feeling hopeless and helpless. The moments you are finding it difficult to make decisions. Feeling distressed or worried. And you just want to hide. Remember, you are not alone. You are only human. 

A sentimental but powerful, engaging work. Read our discussion with the artist below!

Describe your sound in three words

Honest, Raw , Ambiguous

Tell us a few things about your new track Hide. What is the story behind it?

We tend to gravitate to our own struggles, and mental health has been a big part of that especially throughout the lockdown periods. A large part of our recently released 3rd Album ‘Nobody To Believe In Anymore’ dealt with addiction or being in a relationship with an addict, self harm and some dark personal issues this has kind of continued with this brand new single ‘Hide’.It deals with trying to make a tough decision between a rock and a hard place. It’s a no win situation, so you just want to hide and not make a choice.We are dealing and talking about our own demons and how we try and get through tough times. Musically it started with a guitar part in the verse , drones of notes, can hardly be heard in the mix but it set the tone for the whole song. There’s defiantly an Industrial feel to the beat, a nod of the hat to the legend Industrial pioneer Trent Reznor. Mix that with a trip hop vibe of mixing live instrumentation in with the electronics and a kind of alt rock attitude in the chorus music. So you could say a mix of Nine inch Nails with massive attack and the deftones 🙂 the vocal staying emotional throughout cutting through the music on its own path.
This track we spent I would say over a month in the studio perfecting the sound , the vibe and the balance of the music. Getting the bass , the guitars to really sit in and complement the industrial and trip hop vibes. It was a lot of fun and worth it in the end. The bass really shapes the song from the intro , the choruses and the second verse. Even in its absence in parts of the track it is shaping the vibe and allowing more subtle electro sounds or guitar drones to come to the fore.

How would you say your sound has evolved over time?

We would like to think we have made big steps sonically in our evolution. If we were being brutally honest we probably shouldn’t have released our first album as it was and we probably should have spent another year writing and getting better at production. But saying that I always loved bands that you can go back to their early stuff and its raw and you can hear how they have grown. Hopefully fans that have followed us from the start can hear that in us and appreciate the journey. We still strive to write from within and stay true to ourselves and our musical vision.

You are based in Norway. How do you relate to Oslo’s music scene?

We feel pop is dominant here , we know we are different, we transcend genres which to us is cool but I feel that here in Norway we don’t fit. We have a lot of interest from other places but here in Norway we can’t really get any press interest even music bloggers , we are too many things and not one style. Our genre can change song to song but its the way we write and what is inside us and we won’t change that just to fit in.

Yin and yang. Fire and ice. What is the biggest challenge being a music duo?

Wow – well I think we could write a 400 page thesis on this and not be any closer to an answer! Ha Its the first time we have spoken about this in all our interviews in the media – that we are also romantically involved and live together. We’ve never spoken about that before. For me Camilla, that is the biggest hurdle. Its hard to separate criticism when we work together in the studio and keep it in the studio. I remember Ian telling me that what I had recorded one day was not good enough and a bit lazy! I was destroyed and I sobbed and then went and re -recorded and he was dam right 🙂 came away with something infinitely better. I know he wasn’t being personal but having someone you love criticise you so openly can be tough at first but I wouldn’t change it for the world. We also come from different diverse musical backgrounds.
Ian grew up with 80’s influences from his parents – The Police, Blondie , Sade etc and developed himself into blues guitar with the likes of Ry Cooder which then transcended into the grunge scene and Pearljam which was a gateway into Nu Metal sounds of Korn and The Deftones. Ian was in a metal band and signed with Visible Noise / Sony Europe and toured and released a few albums with ’Number One Son’ from the Uk. But even during this he was still listening to non metal and struck a big connection with the Bristol music scene and the newly termed ’Trip Hop’ made popular by bands ‘Portishead’ and his all times heroes ‘Massive Attack’. I had grown up in Norway listening to a lot of various US and UK pop and also some popular metal. I had a huge love for Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga and also fellow Norwegian female singers such as Sussane Sundfor and Astrid S.

In which place or state of mind do you imagine people might listen to your music?

This is the toughest question I think we have ever faced! Im putting this to Ian- Hopefully its all things to all people at any time. There’s songs to kick back to chill, songs when you’re feeling down , songs when you’re on a high. Songs when frustrated and going through a tough time. I think we both grew up listening to music and we can pin point certain albums when we were going through certain things. I remember my first real relationship break up and I can point to Jagged Little pill by Alanis Morissette. Going through tough times and I could listen to Pearl Jam ‘V’s’ on repeat and really connect to that. I think that would be the biggest achievement we could make – if someone came up to us and said that song or album got me through a certain time in my life. I honestly think that is the true power of music.

Your biggest fear?

For someone to listen to our music and be apathetic to it, to not have been moved emotionally either way by it. I think I would rather someone hate it rather than say it was ‘just ok’ or ‘generic’. Hopefully they are moved by it positively but I think apathy is our worst fear.

What is the story behind your name?

The name – well, when. Ian came over to Norway to set up his studio in this basement apartment in Jessheim at the end of April 2019 we had this crazy summer! I mean like 5 months of intense sun and heat. Ian would walk down to the outside bar in Jessheim town every evening to have a few beers and listen to rough mixes he had made. He thought he was living in Spain 🙂 shorts and T shirt every day – sunlight till midnight in July, he couldn’t believe it! But the bar staff who he got to know used to warn him ‘ just wait buddy until the Temperature Falls, you’re gonna have a shock! He started naming mixes TF 1 ,2 etc and we went with it , it became a joke that stuck. He did have a shock come that winter – dark by 3pm and -20C !!

Thank you!

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