‘Technical. Music. Band.’ | Interview with The Technicolors

The Technicolors are back with their new album titled Cinema Sublimina. Read our discussing with the band below.

Describe your sound in three words.

Technical. Music. Band.

Your fourth album, Cinema Sublimina, just came out. What is the larger story you want to say with this album?

It’s a collage of all the moments in life that feel ‘rigged’. We never intended to make any kind of concept record but we most definitely ended up with a story arc that, to me, sort of reflects the way things feel when you walk out of a movie theater or a play, as if you just witnessed another dimension flash before your eyes.

How has your sound evolved over time?

I think we’ve opened ourselves up to a more diverse set of influences, less bound by the classic rock band structure and more focused on making music that feels inspired and pushes us.

Do you have any favourite tracks off the album?

Personal favorites are Pretty Year & Super Reflector

Was the recording process different this time around?

It was spread out over three different locations with three different producers at the helm. We wanted to stretch ourselves and see what types of tones and textures we could achieve when we put ourselves in all types of scenarios. It helped the record feel as though it had different acts, each one striking a different kind of tone.

When writing your music is there a particular process that comes about it?

Typically it starts off with a small skeleton of the idea between Brennan or myself. Some chords, maybe a motif and usually a concept. From there it usually evolves into a worked out demo and we endlessly pick it apart until it resembles some notion of the idea in our collective brains.

What is your favourite venue you have ever performed at? And what would be your dream city to perform at?

We performed at 9:30 club a little while back and have always loved that venue. The dream gig would be Royal Albert Hall.

What is a song you wished you had composed/written yourselves?

Myxomatosis by Radiohead

Thank you!

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