Freedom Fry – Monster [Review]

Let’s start with a cliche. It’s Halloween. Everyone’s entitled to one good scare.

Monster. An original Halloween song by Freedom Fry which is spooky, chilling and eerie.

What is your biggest fear? This is one of our standard questions we do ask people we interview. No matter the answer, Halloween allows us to engage with this exact feeling. The anticipation of danger. Freedom Fry’s monster is different though. It is a monster that asks you to be his friend this Halloween.Is the monster you see in a Tim Burton movie. The monster from a great fantasy tale. An anti-Halloween ghost.

Freedom Fry uses a minimal arrangement and very clever songwriting to deliver a refreshingly playful duet. ‘Halloween kills’ was a disaster this year. Let’s pretend it never happened. From this halloween let’s just remember this monster below!

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