Acid Arab Live – The Jazz Cafe, London (In Pictures)

Traditionally synthesizers were really bad trying to emulate middle east east instruments like Bagpipe, oud, Qanun etc. People kept using them regardless as it was convenient and in many cases the only choice they had. As time passed, keyboardists eliminated the elements that they did not like, adjusting their playing over time. As a result they did create new instruments that started as virtual instruments but ended up having their own identity.

Acid arab’s focus is indeed this middle east soundscape. Blended with classic electronic beats, they create a very interesting fusion that manages to sound familiar and exotic at the same time.

Their return in London and in The Jazz Cafe (don’t let the venue’s name confuse you, it is not a jazz club) in particular was special. It was their first headline live show in over a year, in a metropolitan city that still recovers from long lockdowns . The show was sold out. The jazz cafe was packed and dark. Their simple live set up is based on ableton while the live synthesizers add spark to their act. It is a feel good act balances between a gig and a party, guaranteed to make you move with sounds you may never have heard before. Check our photo story below.

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