“Thinking black and white in a world of grey makes it impossible to absorb life” | Interview with Frankie Furm x Griffin Stone

Frankie Furm teams up with Griffin Stone delivering SQUEEZE, an undeniably alluring tune. The track is laced with a breezy guitar riff and a chill delicate vocal delivery lightened by an acoustic funky infused rhythm section. Best enjoyed through the speakers of a Vintage VW Campervan.

Read our discussion with the artists below!

Describe your sound in three words

G: Warm, fluid, formless
E: Syncopated, tight, catchy

SQUEEZE started as a little loop. What comes first in general? Lyrics or music? Tell us a few things about your creative process.

G: In general the music comes first and informs the mood of the writing. I like to think of the instrumental as the setting in which the story takes place. Once I have a general visual of what that place is I can fill it with characters and a plot that comes from personal experience.
E: considering how I hardly ever write lyrics, the music is kinda everything. I start by building out loops, just getting a basic groove and foundation laid down – from there its just doing variations and arranging those variations into a song structure. griffin was definitely a big help in arranging though – having him to bounce ideas off of and to help guide the movement of the song was huge.

The groove in the track is lovely. Tell us a song with a groove you wish you have composed yourself.

G: Beat 54 by Jungle. It was actually the inspiration for one of the tracks on the upcoming project.
E: that’s a really difficult question for me, but probably the track Be Brave, Clench Fists by Leon Vynehall would be it for me. one of the most incredible house pockets i’ve heard.

Do you prefer writing music or performing live? What would be your dream performance venue?

G: Writing music. I don’t have nearly as much experience performing as I do writing and recording. As I explore performance more I’m drawn to the way in which people interact/react to the music in real time but at the end of the day nothing beats the process of creation. I write music because it allows me to find clarity and understanding in my life. Without it I’d be lost.
E: Performing, easily. I love the energy of a crowd, and being on stage, and there’s a really intoxicating adrenaline that comes from knowing that if you fuck up, you can’t just re-record. To be honest, i don’t have a dream venue – i like performing anywhere where there’s a good, energetic crowd.

What do you love/hate about NY. And how do you relate to its music scene?

G: I’m working out of LA right now but will be coming back to work with Eli whenever I can. I love the feeling of movement that I get when I’m in NY. I like the fact that it’ll be 3 in the morning and I can still hear the world moving outside. I hate the feeling of being stepped on. It feels like everyone is walking right over one another and there’s no space for each person.
E: to be perfectly honest, I’ve only just moved to Brooklyn, so I don’t want to speak on its music scene because I haven’t really experienced it for myself yet. I agree with griff that the movement of the city is what gets me going, and keeps me motivated – but I will say I cannot stand the traffic.

Which of your own lyrics represent you the most and why?

G: One of the first lines on the outro to the project: “Know sometimes we get stuck on the poles and gradients are thrown out the window”. I’ve lived my life in extremities for a long time and a big reason as to why I make music is to find what’s in between. Thinking black and white in a world of grey makes it near impossible to absorb life for what it truly is.

Favorite series you did watch during the quarantine?

G: I rewatched Cowboy Bebop twice. Eli put me on a while back, easily my favorite show.
E: Hunter x Hunter.

One thing that not many people know about you is…

G: I’ve been writing poetry since I was in third grade.
E: I had an award-winning documentary made about me when I was in 9th grade.

Thank you!

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