“Trauma made catchy” | Interview with God of Love

“All the demons can’t wait to meet me” 

Increasingly dark, it gets better everytime you hear it. In case you were wondering what it’s like to be a teenager in the 80’s.

Read our interview with the artist below.

Describe your sound in three words

This is very difficult but my best shot would be : Trauma made catchy. 
Or, OR : Existential, Electric, Romantic

Tell us a few things about your new single “Black Beyond.” What is the story behind it?

This song is mainly about reaching rock bottom in your life and reveling in it and enjoying it. You’re unhappy and yet you’re electrified by your own sorrow and it has its own high. It’s about me doing a lot of drugs and staying drunk all the time and going out to chase the night and find its lowest depths. 

I did listen to Casino Dream while reading Patricia Highsmith’s Deep Water, and in parts I have to admit it worked really well. Which book should we read while listening to the new record?

I haven’t read Deep Water but I’m glad it paired well with my album. I’d say a good book to read with Do Your Worst might be Journey to the End of the Night by Celine. Or Women by Bukowski. 

 ‘When I try to talk to god I get scorn’. What would you really ask God?

I’d ask him what it was like inventing sex and love. 

Do Your Worst is coming soon. How would you say your sound has evolved compared to your debut album?

This album is still about the same two relationships that engross Casino Dream; Love and addiction. I’d say Do Your Worst is just the progression of those things and how they take you over and ruin you when you once thought they would only ever make you happy. Casino Dream was about escaping life and Do Your Worst is about life doing its worst to you, when reality strikes. 

Your vocal delivery is very original. Which vocalist do you admire?

I love Leonard Cohen’s voice. The way it’s mixed on I’m Your Man and You Want It Darker in particular. Outrageously up close and personal. 

Favorite music related film?

Does Only Lovers Left Alive count? If not, then Whiplash. 

What is your biggest fear? 

Death, mainly not doing everything I want to do before I die. 

Thank you!

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