Pulse and Stream | Interview with Fedor Kandinsky

Hailing from Moscow, Russia, Fedor Kandinsky delivers 10 gems, no fillers. Electronika with great emphasis on melody and unconventional production. Make sure to listen to the full album.

Read our discussion with the producer below!

Describe your sound in three words

Musically evolving textures

While your music is purely electronic, every single song of your album has lovely melodic lines. Would it be safe to assume that your songs usually start with the melody? Tell us a few things about your creative process.

Yeah, you’re right. Most often, I start by sitting down at the piano or at the synthesizer and just start playing something, depending on the mood. Or I turn on one of my synths and just start experimenting with sounds, creating some textures and at some point I catch what then becomes the basis of a new track. Sometimes I just turn on the drum machine and start jamming and then add melodic lines to the finished groove.
Especially it works well right after a strong impression you’ve got from watchin’ or reading something. But things i like the most, usually were born after travelling to another country. You’re come back home refreshed, full of new ideas…
And yes – melody is a very important for me.

You use piano extensively, sometimes as the leading instrumental, sometimes having a secondary role in the arrangement. Considering you are coming from Russia, a country which has a distinctive history in classical music, are you really into classical music? And if so, who is your favorite composer?

Hah, it’s true that i’m into classical music a bit
I was born in a family of musicians and when I was 6 years old, I was sent to study at a special music school at the Moscow Conservatory. Which I left when I turned 12, because by that time I was pretty tired of constant classes and memorizing works that I didn’t always like. But, my musical history did not end there – at the age of 15 I fell in love with playing the bass guitar, which predetermined my path. I went to a jazz college, graduated from it and became a session musician. (I am still such a person). And at the age of 25, I slowly began to remember my piano lessons again and became more and more interested in different musical genres. So I came to electronic music. therefore, the melodic component remains the main thing for me. And speaking of my favorite composer, it’s probably Sergei Rachmaninoff. In general, it is difficult to single out one. We have quite a few really great composers

Pulstream is the only track in your album that is more techno oriented. How did you decide to name the album after this specific track?

It’s simple – You may have noticed that many of my tracks have some kind of pulsating components. And this pulsation is most evident in this track. Actually Pulstream it’s a mix of two words: Pulse and Stream. This two words describes my approach in music I make.

Adding to our previous question, there are some tracks like ‘Pulstream’ in which you are not afraid to oversaturate your sound. Are producers nowadays afraid to step outside the norm?

I use it as a tool to achieve a certain mood, and not because I like to saturate everything.
And at the expense of the norm – here you need to understand what kind of producers we are talking about. There are producers for whom there are no such concepts as the norm at all. There are those who try to find a balance between creating their favorite music and at the same time, they try to make as many people as possible to listen to them . Well, the last category of producers who purely earn money. so it depends from what point of view, from what side, we will look at it. So i think, if you a good producer you always will try to step outside the norm. and in the end – the right balance between norm and something unexpected catches the most.
So, we have to narrow the field of what kind producer we talking about.
I can tell only about me – i have projects where i have or had to follow norms – but my solo project is just about music i like. Here is only rule i try to keep – whatever going on if it is laconic it’s a “norm” for me

Which track of the album represents you the most and why?

Away from home.
This track contains a lot of what I love – an assertive rhythm section, layering, one theme flows into another, a cardinal change of mood in the middle, after which, returning back, everything sounds different. It’s just that.
it’s very important for me to experience the feeling of traveling while listening to music.
For me, every my track it’s a little adventure.
Speaking of Away from home I’ve always tried to imagine what it would be like to meet and survive a storm at sea, that’s what this track about.

Are you scared that the average listener may listen to your music on extremely low quality laptop internal speakers (or even worse on phone internal speakers)?

No, because it’s like to scare to go outside. It’s reality, it’s a modern world – you just have to deal with it. Moreover, there will always be people who, as before, will listen music on good sound sources.)

Favorite album of the past decade?

Jon Hopkins – immunity

One last thing we should know about you?

My surname Kandinsky is not just a nickname.))

Thank you!

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