Julien Ribot – Do You Feel 9? [Review]

“The number 9 … symbolises a new era, a revival, it is the 9 months of pregnancy, the last number before commencing a new series from 10..the shape of a foetus or an ear”

Do you feel 9? The track’s rich arrangement reveals it’s raw energy. Verse’s chord progression is delivered emphatically by the piano while the new chord cycle which is introduced in the chorus is enriched by layered vocals. After 3 minutes the song is presented this time without vocals. Instead a detuned synth takes over, leading the track. The finale of the track has the loudness and the vibe you experience from a live band in a packed gig. Having said that, how cool would it be to catch Julien Ribot live on their next tour?

Forget caffeine; Just listen to this song. We totally feel 9!

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Watch the video below! Except from the music, Julien Ribot is also responsible for drawings & animation.

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