“1. Rock 2. And 3. Roll!!” | Interview with Moon Walke

Welcome to suburbia. Addictive riffs, mammoth groove, enormous power. If you don’t believe us, trust their 49,503 monthly Spotify listeners. Read our interview with the band below!

Describe your sound in three words

  1. Rock 2. And 3. Roll!!

Tell us a few things about your new song Disturbed Suburbia and your creative process in general

As did about half of the songs on our upcoming record “Truth To Power”, this one started as a drum track from Sean. We had both been listening to a lot of Stevie Wonder and wanted to make a song like “I Wish”. I took heavy inspiration from that song, especially when I was arranging Disturbed Suburbia, but I’m nowhere near as good at singing or playing as Stevie, so it ended up falling closer to typical Moon Walker and less distinguishably Stevie Wonder inspired. But that song’s whole DNA is a total homage to him.

We loved the bassline of the track. Tell us a song with a thumping bass line you wish you had composed yourself.

Great question! I love the bassline of Vitamin C by Can. Whenever it starts, I feel like I’m in a 60’s spy movie or something. That song has an insanely unique energy and I’ve already ripped it off countless times haha!

Which are your major influences? And what would be your favorite album of the past year?

Oh man! Too many to list! T Rex, Zeppelin, Jack White, Supergrass, Bowie, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, etc. are all constant sources of inspiration for us. My favorite record of the year is Daddy’s Home by St Vincent. Interestingly, “Disturbed Suburbia” actually seems like it channels many of the same inspirations that St Vincent does on her record, but it was actually written before the record came out, so that was a total coincidence.

Black keys use session musicians. Royal Blood do not. When it comes to live performance, would you use session musicians? And what would be your dream performance venue?

When we play live we do have a bassist with us. Some of our new music is pretty synth heavy so at some point we may expand the live lineup to include a keyboardist but as of now, it’s just a three-piece! As far as our dream venue, this is definitely the expected answer from any Colorado-born musician, but there would be nothing quite like headlining Red Rocks!

Your numbers in Spotify are impressive for a relatively new band. Would you reveal your secret?

Oh man, aren’t we all looking for some secret to crack Spotify! We’ve gotten lucky with some good playlist adds and editorial support from Spotify, but it’s definitely a really tricky beast to figure out for me as well. I really wish I had a secret!

Favorite music related movie?

Another great question! I think I have to go with Velvet Goldmine. The music in that movie is unbelievable. “Hot One” is genuinely one of my favorite songs ever. Absolutely brilliant movie.

One last thing we should know about you?

Our new record “Truth To Power” will be coming out next month! We are beyond excited to put it into the world and can’t wait to see how it will be received!

Thank you!

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