“contemplating space and time” | Interview with Kodomo

Cinematic, Intelligent dance music that reminds you of the golden late 90’s era. In “Pink Clouds” with it’s busy drum machine groove, the heavy bass and it’s endless filtered synth lines, it is the type of music you listen to while watching the clouds go by.

UPDATE: Make sure to listen to the full album Three Spheres out now!

Read our interview with the talented producer below

Describe your sound in three words please!

Cinematic Electro!

How did your involvement with music begin?

I started playing piano from an early age and was drawn to electronic music around high school. At that point i got my first synth and a drum machine and started creating ideas and eventually instrumental tracks.

You have already three albums out and now you are preparing to release one more, titled Three Spheres. Tell us a few things about the concept behind your upcoming album.

I didn’t have singular concept for this album — I had an idea of the sound I was after, which was equal parts early Warp era IDM and weighty cinematic ambient textures. The period of isolation during the pandemic definitely played into the moods of some of the songs. I also was interested in incorporating my modular system to create a lot of the percussion you hear on the album. From that point i began my process of just throwing a lot of ideas into my daw, editing, reducing, and reconfiguring until something started to take shape. At a certain point, i was really liking the moods and the beats but felt that i needed to offset the overtly electronic sounds with an acoustic instrument. I was working on another project with my friend chet doax who plays clarinet and sax and asked him to play on a few of my tracks. I love what he did and i feel like that is exactly what those tracks needed.

If you were asked to compose a soundtrack for a film, how do you imagine this to be?

Well i would love to do anything otherworldly — science fiction would be a welcome genera for me. The creative sound design possibilities are always thrilling. But i’m equally interested in documentaries where music is used less emotionally and generally in a more subtle way. I love scoring to picture because it allows me to collaborate and try new approaches that I wouldn’t typically do. Often these are more restrained (than an album) and focused on a specific world of sound, which I find helpful and always learn from which I can then later drawn upon for my own music.

Which countries would you choose for a world tour and why?

Japan, because i grew up there and the food is amazing and the audiences are super engaged. Germany, france, and England because they are the mothers of electronic music, and i would be honored to play there. Iceland, Norway, and Finland, because of their contemporary electronic music scene and the geographical beauty.

What is the best place to be on a Friday evening?

Somewhere beautiful outside watching the sunset

Ideal venue to perform live?

Fabric! A dream 🙂

What do you like to do when you are not making music?

Walks outside, yoga, playing uno with my son, cooking, and contemplating space and time.

Thank you!

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