5 Songs by James Blake.

With his upcoming new album “Friends That Break Your Heart” coming out September 10th and his new singles “Say What You Will” and “Life is not the same” out already, we remember 5 songs which prove that James Blake is one of most talented producers of our time.

All that I know is I’m fallin, fallin, fallin, fallin. No verse, no chorus. Just an addictive melody playing over and over again.

Lindisfarne I & II. In other words, the reason why vocoders are still relevant.

Retrograde. Simply the art of songwriting. An emotional rollercoaster.

Two Men Down. Listen to the drop at 02:15. Mesmerising. 

Timeless. Indeed.

Jame’s Blake new song Say What You Will is out now! Listen below!

P.S. As most of the team in SE is based in London, we were lucky enough to watch James Blake performing live with his trio numerous times. We were also lucky enough to watch different types of gigs with completely different vibes. From the atmospheric Eventim Apollo to his headline slot in Fields festival. We strongly recommend catching him in an intimate venue though, his concert set up fits definitely better an indoor venue. And trust us, it would be a truly magnificent experience.

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