Cole Loomis x Josh Wright – Murcielago [Review]

When you’re young, in your teenage year or even a bit later in your early twenties the music playing in your background sounds like a fast song. It is your fast years, everything goes quickly, a day is hardly ever the same with the day before or the day after, everything is changing from people to places. Constant mobility and growth doesn’t sit well with slow tunes – at least that’s what they’ve taught us. Of course when I say background I don’t refer to the music in your headphones or what you listen to in your room. I mostly refer to the general buzz in the background of your life. You focus on the laughter, the drama, the discoveries, the exploration and everything else in between can be a bit blurry.

Murcielago can be characterised as the song you hear clearly in your ears a few years later as you have sat down reminiscing. Now that you’re outside the whole live fast -die young atmosphere. Now you have had the chance to speed down, rewind and replay some of your most memorable moments, have a closer look. Such a delicate process ought to be accompanied by a nostalgic song, one that does not feel cheesy or outdated though. Cole Loomis has made this song for you. A brand new song straight from the past.

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