‘loop of infinite chaos & harmony’ | Interview with Tunelilisu

In anticipation of a videoclip, which will only make the song even more spectacular. In Tunelilisu’s third single, titled Ancient Heart, the energy comes from within and unfolds imperceptibly as you listen…

Read our interview with the Kyiv-based electro-acoustic duo below.

Describe your sound in three words please! 

Electronic, forest, voices. 

How did you become involved with electronic music? 

Hanna: From birth, I was attracted by beautiful melodies, especially played on the piano. At the age of 13, from my first serious savings, I bought an acoustic guitar, but didn’t have enough money for a piano. At the same time, I wrote my first song – this was an electro-acoustic piece with guitar samples, people’s voices, my vocal, steel appliances and the sounds of children’s toys. Then, I started to study Reason and formalize all this teenage craziness in it. 

Andrey: I began recording music when I was 12 with my first Casio synthesizer and old karaoke microphone. During high-school, I started using Fruity Loops with a midi-keyboard and recorded my voice to later transform it using effects. My first electronic release was with the debut album by Mr Morse in 2012 on Black Lantern Music. 

We really loved the warm detuned synths in Ancient Heart. Do you start building your own sounds from an initial patch? Or probably browse through some presets? Also would you like to reveal which synths you used in this particular tune? Tell us a few things about your creative process! 

Yes, patch was created from scratch on a very synthetic digital synth engine on a Novation Circuit groovebox. The attempt was despite its cold character to make it sound very organic and warm using different controlled chaotic modulations. For this track, we also made our own “synths” in Ableton Live from the recordings of our vocals and whale singing. 

Where do you get your inspirations from? 

Nature, art and people in that loop of infinite chaos & harmony. 

Your favourite album of the previous year? 

Hanna: Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin by Eartheater 

Andrey: Karma and Desire by Actress 

As a new artist, what are the biggest challenges you face in the music industry? 

The biggest challenge is to stay positive when the progress of getting your music heard is slow and hard. Do not make concessions to trends and genres, not lose your face. If you are confident with your material, just be patient. 

Which book should we read while listening to your music? 

We think our music is not really suited for background listening – there’s too many little details, like different animal noises, textures etc. It requires certain attention from a listener.

You have released your EP Elements, in 2021. What are your plans for the near future? 

We are currently working on our next single, which will later be included in our second EP of this year. Also, we want to release a live video for “Ancient Heart”.

Thanks Tunelilisu!

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