Bluestaeb x S.Fidelity x Phabo -THAT´S OK [Review]

A gentle and arresting beat. Vocals smooth like warm fudge sauce. Polite with no unnecessary sounds and really so wonderful. Isn’t this what we are looking for in an R n’B track after all?

I am talking about Bluestaeb’s new single, THAT’S OK, made in collaboration with S.Fidelity x Phabo. Elegant in its simplicity, THAT’S OK is a fine taster. It’s an open invitation to stick around for the main event, which is no other that the artist’s upcoming grand project GISEKE. The LP is out for release later this month and features numerous collaborations.

A Melodic flow. A chill beat but with some saturated elements (like the open Hi-Hat). A pitch shifter. That’s OK if you don’t like it…not everybody has good taste 😉

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