Hôy La – Queen [Review]

[My best effort to describe this beautiful song]

Unrealistic expectations

To impress who?

As you scroll down the screen

Your eyes red

Your head’s a mess

Find your own vibe

(cause) the fake doesn’t rhyhm

Queen is the latest single from Norwegian artist, Hôy La . Downtempo, with an strangely simple two major chords progression, an almost depressing sound and a sensitive tone, Queen is directed to her fellows, saying:

realising how much of the time i’m playing a role, a character, standing in the assembly line. We’re a whole generation of youths striving to live after some fictional idea of how we should look, talk, work and spend our time, and at the same time we’re all molding inside, because most of us don’t fit in that box. We’re all performing some kind of glossy image pretending everything is okay, when it’s not

Hôy La has announced her debut album There’s a girl inside my head who wants to die, scheduled for release October 2021.

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