‘be prepared for everything’ | Interview with Runtime

A song that makes you hit repeat. Words that reveal a promising but down to earth artist! Read our interview with Runtime below.

Describe your sound in three words please!

Organic, Atmospheric, Boundless

Tell us a few things about you and how your interaction with music begins?

I’m currently making my Master in Media Computer Science. So studying is currently taking most of my time. Besides that I’m also working at a student job. When I’m finding any free time it mostly goes towards making music or also some other smaller side projects. Currently I’m for example also working on a small app and really enjoy toying around with Blender. Some of the first artists I’ve activily followed were for example Avicii, David Guetta, Basshunter and Swedish House Mafia. Before that I’ve been mostly listening to the current popular tracks on the radio. The whole 2011-2014 Progressive House movement also made me start producing my own music. In the beginning I was only toying around. My DAW back then was also not really capable of a lot, but apparently it was enough to keep me going. After switching to Cubase later I really started making progress.

What is your favourite album of the past year?

Fantasy by Whethan ❤

You said that Hyperspace has parts inspired by Cyberspace. If you could write the soundtrack of a video game, which one would you choose?

Very difficult question since I’m not playing that much video games. GTA came to my mind, because it has a lot of ingame radio stations which play all kind of genres and that actually fits my style pretty well (not tying to one genre but creating a lot of different genres/mixes of genres that I currently like).

Synthwave is very hot at the moment. What do you expect the next big trend to be?

Very difficult to say, a lot of times some specific electronic music genres are becoming very popular suddenly (in the past eg Future Bass, Progressive House, Tech House, Trap). So to get some new fresh stuff maybe Drum and Bass (I would like that) which showed often enough in the past that it matches very good with Pop-vocals and thus has the potential to being listened to by a wide variety of people.

As a new artist, what are the biggest challenges you face in the music industry?

I for myself see mainly two big challenges: 1.: You are not living from it and thus are not able to spend the same amount of time on making music like someone who already makes it fulltime. 2.: You really have to be good at networking, marketing and social media. Just releasing good music is not working although that is what you would think counts the most. Nobody will hear it.

You have made a few remixes, but what about collaborations? Is there anybody that you’d like to pair with for a song?

I don’t really have a lot of experience with collaborations so I’m also not really dreaming of a specific collaboration. But just soundwise it would be a dream working with eg Whethan, Skrillex, Two Feet and Elohim.

What should we expect from you in the near future?

I would say, considering my switches of genres in the past: Expect nothing but be prepared for everything. 😀 My next two releases are more into the House direction but I’m also currently working on two Future Bass songs.

Thanks Runtime!

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