Voronoii – O^3 [Review]

Voronoii is not afraid to walk a road that is commercially challenging. A long in duration instrumental in which elaborative riffs give their place to imaginative solos and impressive rhythmic patterns.

Despite the German origins of the guitar artist, listening to O^3, immediately brought to mind an action film with the scene set somewhere in a Middle Eastern region. Imagine a crowded terraced cafe’s full with locals and sparse tourists relaxing over hot tea and desserts, with the latter completely unable to win the battle against the high temperatures.

Suddenly, loud voices and shouting break the calmness. A bunch of people is running in the narrow streets where merchants sell their colourful fabrics for a living and witty witches win the travellers money over a game of cards. A real manhunt unfolds in front of the eyes of the surprised spectators. The camera follows the fugitives but dust rises behind them as the guitar riffs become more intense…

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