1st Base Runner – Break Even [Review]

Break Even is the 3rd track to be released from 1st Base Runner’s forthcoming album Seven Years of Silence and a video by Matt Mahurin will also be available soon.

Seven years of silence is more than a catchy title. In fact, seven years was the period required for the Texas -based, indie artist, Tim Husmann, to prepare for this new project called 1st Base Runner. I am no expert of Baseball but I do love semiotics and symbolisms. So I will risk drawing even a vague connection between the act of starting running from the first base to eventually reach home base to this absolutely introspective track. If life’s a court you have to find your place in it and aim for the goal… right?

I like these kinds of intermissions, where one allows themselves the luxury of sitting back and rethinking stuff. Creativity, influences, loved habits and thoughts that have accompanied us for a while, all put on the table an re-negotiated, evaluated again with an open mind, fresh motives. As the artist notes in relation to Break Even: It is written from the perspective of an adolescent trying to find meaning in the world. It attempts to reconcile the void between what is often given as advice and the underlying truths of what it means to be human and to be at peace with one’s existence. Existentialism is so deeply connected to creativity, that in an ideal world artists (and commoners too, I might add) would be given the necessary support and freedom and afford this ‘luxury’ of pausing and resuming.

All these ideas are prevalent in Break Even. A seemingly calm song with underlying dynamism, wrapped in a dark atmosphere. The vocals are sweet but at the same time carrying all the power of the lyrics, going deep into your head. The track is characterised by the constant synth midbass arpeggio, a lofi touch on the production and its rich pads that give the song a dreamy vibe.

1st Base Runner will also release a five-track EP Ellis later this summer with a more pop-leaning dub sound.

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