‘my playing changes completely when someone enters the room’ | Interview with Klinger

Horst is the first song from Klingers new project Persona, a series of musical portraits. Every portrait features a person who is particularly affected by Covid-19 and the consequences. A touching initiative highlighting the human aspect of the pandemic, far from data and numbers, dressed with Klingers’ cinematic and melancholic sound.

Read our interview with the artist below.

Describe your sound in three words please!

Warm. Dusty. Melancholic.

How did you come up with the idea about the musical portraits and how did you select and approach the people to participate in them? Tell us a few things about this process if you like.

The idea is actually pretty old. When I was a child I often sat at the piano and played what came to my mind, just improvising. One day I noticed that my playing changes completely when someone enters the room. As if that person is somehow reflected in my music. That´s how the idea was born to depict people with music. But it took me many more years to actually make it happen.
I did this together with a small team. Two film makers who took care of the videos. And a journalist who did most of the research and contacted the people. The decision to pick Corona as a main theme seemed pretty natural. It´s not often that so many things get so much messed up in the whole world simultaneously. Now that all of this is hopefully coming to an end it´s time to ask: What the hell happened over the course of the last year? And what did it do to us? I hope the project can be a contribution to tackle these questions and raise understanding.

What other characters do you feature in this project except Horst?

There´s a nurse and single mother of two, who also got sick with Covid last year. A member of the high risk group who has barely left the house for more than a year now. A 96-year-old, who survivied a Covid infection in a nursing home. An actor and young father who hasn´t been able to work and is now living from public funding. And a police officer who had to enforce the anti-corona measures. We tried to find people who are affected in very different ways by the whole situation.

Besides these portraits you also make thematic compositions such as the Machina and Nature series. If you had to relate these works to a book, film, a painting (or any other work of art) which would you choose?

Maybe a collection of short stories. ‘Cause these microcompositions are very short and done very quickly and sketchily. It´s my way to embrace the short-lived Instagram world. And a good way to keep me constantly in the mode of creating something.

How do you relate to the Hamburg music scene?

Hamburg has a great and vibrant music scene. Although it´s a big city all the musicians know each other and it feels almost like a village.

Who is your favourite pianist? And what are your main influences in general?

My parents insist that as a child I was really diggin Mozart. But today I´m pretty much rooted in pop music. From all the neoclassical pianists I guess Lambert is the one I like the most.

Best album of the previous year?

Fiona Apple – Fetch The Bolt Cutters

Tell us something about yourself that not many people know!

Im really bad with sheet music. Sight reading is just impossible for me. There, said it. 🙂

Thanks Klinger!

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