‘the emotional Fire’ | Interview with Olivero

A collection of original and flaming songs which will swirl you in the world of Flamenco! Read our interview with Olivero, the artist behind the magic, below!

Describe your sound in three words please!

hmm… very hard question.. I would say: experimental, innovative, honest

What sparked your interest in the world of Flamenco?

Definitely the great maestro Paco de Lucia… my father showed me his music when I was 17… that changed my life

Castillo de cristal ‘was finished in 5 minutes’. Do you think that you were ‘silently’ working on the theme in your head and at some point everything came together, or was it a creation in the spur of the moment?

Castillo really happened in the creation in the spur of moment . I don’t know what exactly happened. But there was a moment of absolute silence and satisfaction in my brain and it seemed that my fingers composed the theme, without any worrying about what will be the next note, or if it will sound good or not. That was one of my best experiences I had in my life.

You had the opportunity to work with a very talented artist as Duquende. Can you describe this experience a bit?

Amazing. Duquende was, is and will always be one of my favourite singers. I felt more than happy when he listen to my music, and said that he likes it a lot, and wanted to do a collaboration with me. It was amazing to see how fast and precise he was working, and every word he sang sounded absolutely effortless and wonderful. We are planning more for the future.

You are also a cellist and you have been taken by Bach’s Cello Suites. What makes the G major prelude (1st suite) so timeless and beautiful? And which of the six suites is your favourite?

I think the arpeggio pattern combined with the chord choices, and the voice leading creates a special feeling in the listeners ear. I think Bach was able to put the right dose of everything inside his pieces. The tonality was perfectly introduced in the arpeggio part , the cadence after, destroys consciously the symmetry of the arpeggios, which leads then into the brilliant ending. My favoure Suite is the 1st (especially the menuet 2).

Flamenco is a very popular genre. We would like to know in what ways the younger artists modernise it and how do they preserve its character while injecting fresh ideas and inspirations.

This is a good question – how far can you go ? This is what everybody is thinking I guess… but I think its basically limitless. Paco de Lucia said something like: do what you want, but don’t change the rhythm.. but in the end, everybody can try out what he thinks he needs to try out. Who knows what can still be discovered? I have even seen techno/house Flamenco fusions.. I have to say I did not like this really much, but its something new and people are trying out new ways. This way of thinking made humans walk on the moon.
But from a musical point of view : I think as long as some harmonical basics, (resolving to the V7b9) and some rhythmical accents and the most important thing: the emotional Fire, are in a composition, it could be named Flamenco.

If aliens were wondering what Flamengo represents, which single song would you give them to listen to?

Almoraima by Paco de Lucia!

One last thing we should know about you?

My E.P. Will be released in July 9th, and there is still one more song which was not published yet . It will be a kind of rhapsody..

Thanks Olivero!

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